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SERVER NOTICE: 18th September 2011

Just an update on the issues we were experiencing back on the 7th of September, 2011.

One of our hard drives started to have a critical failure which we moved to swap out asap. Unfortunately the replacement drive also had immediate problems so we had to wait on a new batch of drives. These took a few hours to arrive and then another lengthy backup to the new new drive.  This was the cause of the maintenance running over into "office hours" and disrupting a few sites during the day. Typically we like to schedule these things from midnight to 6am so disruptions are minimal.

The new drive has performed great over the last 10 days and will be going full time active this week.

For further updates, please follow us at

Please be advised that from June 1, 2010, Michael Quinn will be changing his primary trading name from Mildura Internet to AusClicks.

Nothing changes for current customers. Website updates are still available, hosting continues, domain services continue.

AusClicks reflects my new focus on Search Engine Optimisation and managing Google AdWords campaigns, and away from offering Website Design services professionally.

I may do the occasional website, but it will more likely be built to a standard template format and nothing special done.  Any major website development will be referred to one of my partners. Website hosting is still available.

Please contact Michael and AusClicks to talk about improving your website search results and developing your Google AdWords campaign.

NB: Genuine inquiries regarding purchasing the trading name, Mildura Internet, (not the business or customers), will be considered.

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