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Occasionally we receive inquiries about Internet Access - so here are our current thoughts. (November 09)

NCable - Neighbourhood Cable:

We have been using NCable Wireless Cable Broadband since September 2005. Initially due to our new house having no ADSL broadband access, but now we chose it because of the high speeds and quality of service (99% of the time). They have a local office in Mildura with local agents, staff and installers.


I used Internode from 2004-2005 and they were great.  I needed an ISP that was first and foremost reliable.  They have won Best ISP (voted by APC Magazine readers and Whirlpool users) several times.

They offer ADSL plans that are excellent value for money, don't count uploads towards your monthly traffic limit, software mirrors that let you download programs with no debit on your monthly limit (great for those cheaper, low download limit plans). No real contracts or lock in periods, excellent customer support and much more.

Only real "problem" is they don't have local agents in Mildura to help you install etc. However its usually pretty easy to set up internet access yourself.


Very similar quality of service and value to Internode - added bonus of many local agents in Mildura. Office Everything, Leading Edge Computers etc.

(Home installation may attract a fee)

Telstra Bigpond:

Telstra have a local Country Wide office in Mildura so you might prefer dealing with someone local for your ADSL options. Not to mention their excellent new Next G wireless service which gives you great portability for your internet access. Plus Telstra gives you the option of a combined bill for your phone / internet / mobile stuff. They usually offer some discounts if you combine a few services.

Small word of caution. Many of Bigponds plans aren't "capped". Meaning once you go over your initial quota of downloads / uploads for the month, you pay for extra downloads. Often at prices like $150 per 1000 MB. Bigpond is one of the very few ISP's that still count stuff you upload towards your monthly allowance.


Whirlpool is the Australian Broadband Forum. All ISP's and their current plans are listed and Whirlpool has all the latest news and developments in broadband.

Whirlpool has forums for all major ISP's so you might get a feel from other users about their experience. Plus you can also ask your own questions if you have any. There are also forums dedicated to broadband hardware and setting up a network. Plus very useful forums on Windows, Apple, P2P and loads more.

Please note that internet forums by their nature can sometimes attract people with bad things to say rather than good. Just worth keeping in mind.

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