Open Source Software

Mildura Internet is a supporter of Open Source Software (OSS)

Essentially OSS means not paying a license to use software - its FREE - and usually as good if not better than "commercial" alternatives.

Using OSS generally gives you better security protection from viruses, Trojans etc.  OSS program code is open to anyone to inspect and improve upon - resulting in quality programs developed by users and enthusiasts.

Open Source Software:

Without spending major amounts of text boring you to death by preaching about Open Source, please check out this link if you are interested in reading more about OSS.

Open OfficeOpen Office - Microsoft Office Replacement

Open Office includes Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Database which is designed as a free replacement for Microsoft Office. You can open existing Office files - and save in either Office format, Open Document format and many others. Available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OSX 10 and Linux.

One great feature of Open Office is the ability to save a document in PDF format - for free! Something MS Office still can't do even in Office 2007.

One of my favourite bits of open source software. Converting from MS Office to Open Office was very easy - and now I don't have to pay for upgrades or new features. Really handy for multiple home computers.

firefoxFirefox - Internet Explorer / Web Browser replacement

Firefox is simply a better internet browser than IE. Designed from the ground up with security, speed and customisation in mind. Most spyware programs rely on you using Internet Explorer to install themselves - so use something else. Extra features like Tabbed Browsing, Popup blocking, RSS feeds and 100's of extensions available to customise your browser.

thunderbirdsunbirdThunderbird and Calendar - Outlook replacement

Thunderbird is a full featured email and RSS newsgroup program that makes e-mailing safer, faster and easier - and cheaper of course. Its an excellent companion to Firefox. MS Outlook uses the Internet Explorer engine to display emails and so is subject to the same security problems IE is.

Calendar Project completes the essential Office group of programs with a calendar application, personal information manager and more.

Other Open Source / Free Software & Websites:

Open Source Industry Australia

Open Source Victoria - Worlds largest Open Source software development website.

Clean Software - A list of Open Source Software.

Pricelessware - Compilation of software voted the best of the best in Freeware.

The Free Mac Classroom - Outstanding list of free software available. Site is designed to highlight Mac OSX software but much of it runs on Windows.

CutePDF Writer - create PDF documents on the fly.

Picasa - picture editing software, now owned by Google and free!

Lavasoft Ad-Aware - clean spyware from your Windows system.

Net Stumbler - Find wireless wi-fi networks.

SpamBayes - Bayesian Spam Filter for users of Microsoft Outlook

SpyWare Blaster - Don't let spyware install on your system in the first place..

Spybot Search & Destroy - clean spyware from your Windows system.

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