Hello World - Mildura Internet Website #4

Welcome to our shiny new website.  Our 4th redesign in as many years since we moved to Mildura in 2003.

Truth be told I wasn't a big fan of the last site almost the day after it was published and I was glad to start working on this one a few months ago.  Hopefully this one will be the basis of our services for many years to come - but I'm sure I've thought that before as well...

I wanted to do a new website to feature the new Search Engine Optimisation services we will be formally offering this year for the first time.  SEO has always been part of our design and I'm proud to see so many sites we designed years ago still showing up prominently in Google results - not to say they couldn't be better today though.

We have lots of new services planned to offer formally over the next few months - Google Apps for your Domain, Wordpress, Amazon S3, Ning, Edgeio, Drupal and many more.  I'm playing with these new services all the time so if you have an interest in something like that - let me know and I can probably help you out.  Just don't have time to write up everything that comes along - would never have any play time.

This site is far from finished at the moment but I wanted to finally get something up and live online.  Not the ideal situation probably but have had a lot of people asking about SEO and other things - so I am putting the new site up now and working on filing in the gaps ASAP.

Sooner or later you have to publish !

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