New Mildura Internet website complete in time for 4th Birthday

Well I am happy to say that our new website is finally complete - and just in time for our 4th Birthday of operations in Mildura.

Even though I published the new site about 10 weeks ago, it still had lot of areas that needed to be completed or updated.  But at the time we needed the new information online for some customers so I decided to publish what was done.

Since then I have been putting some finishing touches to some areas - and completely revamping others.  Google Maps and Local Search has been "lurking" in the background for the last year or so.  But recently Local Search has finally been elevated for search results by Google, Yahoo and others.  So I wanted to add that section to our site sooner rather than later when it was planned.

As part of the Google Maps offering I spent about a week learning the Google Maps API, how to code it and customise it etc.  All just in time for the announcement from Google they were scrapping that method of putting Google Maps on peoples sites and instead making it a much simpler embedded code.  More useless computer stuff I can forget I ever knew.

With August approaching and flying by, I realised Mildura Internet has been in operations for 4 years now.  A nice little milestone.  So to celebrate a bit I am offering some special deals to existing customers (sent privately) and using the occasion to launch our new website properly.

September will see a couple of new services including the launch of a Newsletter.  Lots of great stuff planned and plenty of work to keep me busy.

I'll wrap up by just saying THANKS on behalf of myself and my wife, Fiona.  Thanks to all our customers over the last 4 years and THANKS to all the great people we have met since moving to Mildura.


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