New servers for hosting - new DNS settings

Just a quick note to mention we are updating our servers to a new company.

At the moment we have some old servers that are getting old enough to go to school.  They have served us well for the past 5 years but unfortunately computers, and especially hard disks, don't last forever.  Something I've personally had the misfortune to be reminded of twice in the last few months.

The company that has "maintained" our old servers is unfortunately not the same company we began dealing with 5 years ago.  That company has since been bought out twice, and it's fair to say the current owners aren't as excited about looking after legacy customers as much as they are at getting new ones.  I do use the term "maintained" very loosely as much of the maintenance work has been done my myself and Acunett - a Server Management company that has been looking after these and my other servers for the last few years.

Acunett stepped in when we were having some major issues behind the scenes just over 2 years ago - it's a testament to the Linux / Apache system that none of our customers were aware of any problems.  They fixed our problems then and have given outstanding service since.  When they announced they were going to be offering hosting on their own servers I was only too happy to take them on for new websites we were building.

After 18 months on the Acunett server, they even offered a free upgrade to fresh equipment.  They handled the update, transferring the data across etc. Apparently I can't even pay our old server company to do this for me.  After repeated requests for assistance in upgrading, I keep getting told I must buy a new server and transfer things over manually myself.  Apart from the monetary costs (easily upwards of $500 to get the new server going), the several days of my time getting things copied over and checked, I'd still end up with dealing with a company that has obviously lost interest in helping it's smaller customers.  When Accunet upgraded my server last year, it was offline for about 30 minutes, and 3 hours later we were back to normal.

The main difference for our current customers will be new DNS settings.  (DNS settings are part of the Internet Address Book that lets you find a website when you go looking for it). 

The new settings are and - I've already updated out Resources Settings page to show the new details

Most of the new sites are already copied over - hopefully the rest will be done in a week or two.

With that done we have a lot of great projects lined up for 2008.  Already we have done some major upgrades to our Community Tourism websites, started a refresh of others, and have some exciting new sites and products being planned.

All the best.

Michael Quinn

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